Home Visit & Hot Flashes


Whew! Is it approximately 167 degrees in here? I’m sweating like… well… I probably shouldn’t use any of those examples here but I am sweating. Could be because I’m sick as a dog or could be because our homestudy is tomorrow. Yikes! Tomorrow? You mean like less than 24 hours? Dang. No time left to paint that portrait of Husbando and I to put over the fireplace. No time to level each blade of grass, and no time to alphabetize my canned goods. I did, however, get up an hour early this morning and install the toiletpaper rod in my bathroom. Because, you know, the caseworker will totally be judging our ability to take care of children by the amount of new hardware in my bathroom.Image

Want to know something funny? I have been working on the shape/placement of our photo collage wall and totally forgot about actually putting our photos in them. Last night Husbando asked when I was going to fill them. *crickets chirping* “Can’t we just pretend we know them?” So we are going to pretend we know them. Man we have some good looking relatives!

I am ridiculously nervous about tomorrow and not in a they’re-gonna-find-something-wrong way but in a oh-my-gosh-this-is-really-happening kind of way. Madre compared it to the first trip to the OBGYN when you’re pregnant. Stuff gettin’ real again, y’all.

Hef n’ Lumps came over and entertained me while I cleaned up the craft room so shoutout to them for keeping my mind somewhere else tonight. I’ve only taken a half day off tomorrow so I can focus on the large tasks I have at work and not bleaching my grout. Husbando took the whole day and hopefully won’t burn the place down before I can get home. Wish us luck!!


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  1. Girl. Y’all got this. On super-tight, Kanye-level, lockdown. For. Real.
    I had a bunch of other things I wanted to include with this comment but it got seriously out of control. To be continued.

    Do you have that song in your head yet? I sure hope so.

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