… and… DONE!



With the copy I made of this marriage license, we are done with our application and all the supporting forms/documents. The state is about to know everything they possible could about me minus what MLB team I support but maybe even that will come up in my background check (Go Rangers).

The hardest part about filling our our application? The Child Needs Information Sheet. Do you know what that is? Of course you don’t because I didn’t. I knew there would come a point when we would have to let our caseworker know what type of child(ren) we think is best for our family. I knew it. I knew it was coming. All along. Seriously. So why did this form freak me out so bad? Probably because you have to put it down in writing that you would deny a specific child from coming into your home. Like a literal checklist of yes, no, maybe to a lot of different things.  Oh gah. I’m gagging again thinking about it. It ranges from things like “Would you accept a child who is extra shy” to “Would you accept a child that is HIV Positive” and “Would you accept a child of incest”. Heavy stuff.

Husbando suggested we each fill out a form individually as a kind of rough draft and then we could compare and discuss any differences we had. Check. Not surprisingly we had a few differences but it all worked out in the end. We have a clear decision for our family plan and the caseworker will too. Oh yeah, her. She is going to see this form. She is going to look at me over her glasses with judgy eyes, isn’t she? Of course not. She is going to be thrilled we were honest with her about what fits our family but that is not going to make me feel less guilt-gut when I flip past that page in our adoption binder. *gulp*

But I know we did the right thing and I am so glad to be all finished with this particular step. The homestudy is next week and then we get fingerprinted (can’t wait to take those pics) and background checked. I don’t know when the cavity search is but I’ll keep you up to date : D



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  1. Carynn,
    I am so proud of you guys! I can’t wait to meet your new children! Your writing makes me laugh out loud one minute, then I’m crying the next. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us. I love you!
    Aunt Jenny

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