Meet Consuela Bananahammock


This video is one of my favorite scenes in all of the Friends episodes. It is SO something I would do if left alone to pick a new name. Difference is that I was excited to start my marriage with a new name since it a. moved me up in the alphabet and b. is the most common name in the world.

But fast forward to the day we look at our new house for the first time. Realtor Heather is driving us all around the earth showing us 8 or 9 houses as fast as she can. Ours is the last house we look at. We pull onto the street and as we approach the house I spot her. Its a majestic, one-eared burro. I got so excited that I giggled. We look at the

Hola Consuela!

Hola Consuela!

house, fall in love and on the way out I said goodbye to Consuela. Its like it was just her name all along.

Fast forward again to the day we are writing up the contract. Consuela, also known as ‘all outdoor statuaries’, is put in the contract so that she must be left with the house. Realtor Heather even tells their agent that it cannot be taken. Everyone agrees Consuela will live with us. And she does. She guards our trash and recycle bins. Husbando and I have already started thinking of ways to insert her into the Christmas decor. I’m thinking she could pull Jesus in that tiny cart. Not too unrealistic, right? Well here she is. And don’t steal her.


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  1. I love it! the only thing missing is her hat! BTW I have a bird bath also left with our new home I would be willing to donate. The only issue is I have not been able to find anyone(s) who can lift it or identify the big bird on top guarding it. 😦

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