Auntie of the Year Winner


ImageThere are about a million reasons why I am Auntie of the Year. This is number one. I let my not-even-two-years-old Nephy-Niece stay up late watching Globetrotters with me. I documented the event with this picture on Instagram (@princessofowasso) and TWO REAL LIFE GLOBETROTTERS liked it. Which means we’re practically famous. Like they’re practically basketball players. 


Reason two is that I give the BEST bath hairdos. Is this not the best wet and soapy mohawk you have ever seen? I know.



Last reason is that we stayed up till midnight watching West Side Story educational videos and singing along. We jumped on the bed exercised a lot and sang Old McDonald until we just couldn’t E-I-E-I-O anymore. Then when I tucked him in I let him use my customized Snuggie and made sure his best friend Cletus was tucked in too. Nobody likes to wake up alone in a weird house. Also, Cletus hides snacks in his pockets. 


Overall it was a good weekend and I can’t wait to see him and his parents again soon. 


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