Cra to the Zy Y’all




This is the best photo I have from the roller derby bout on Sunday. Why is this phone-photo the best one? Because it catches Cra-Cra there in her element! Hef, Lumps, my college friend Amanda, and I were all watching the bout from a pretty sweet view at our elevated table. We were snacking on ‘high school priced’ snackbar treats (Lumps will, and did, go ape-crazy about some $2.00 nachos). We were paying attention and trying to learn how scoring works until SHE showed up. She tromped into our view about an hour late carrying the essentials to any event:

1. Cowbell (everyone always needs more, right?)

2. Green Incredible Hulk fist

3. Life-size stuffed bear

4. Hand-painted t-shirt

ImageThese items were all used to ‘cheer’ the team. The green fist was raised with pride when someone scored. That cowbell was used non-stop and about got put where the sun don’t shine. She even propped up the leg of the bear because obviously he was uncomfortable in that folding chair. She draped the shirt on the bear and it got adjusted at least a dozen times. Pure. Crazy. Then, when a girl was hurt, Cra-Cra took the bear over to her and made the bear give her a hug. It was a bear hug y’all. An almost-real bear hug. I lost it. 


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