Shoe-gasm- n: the act of convulsing and/or drooling when you find an awesome pair of shoes. May involve crying stemming from your lack of funds. May involve crying from happiness when you say ‘screw the budget’ and buy them anyway. Should be considered dangerous to your credit score and marriage. Image

While the cat (Husbando) is away, this mouse will play. Or buy shoes. Sparkly, glittery, fur-lined moccasins to be exact. I almost fainted in the middle of Gordman’s last night. They were sitting there on the bottom shelf near the floor just waiting on me to come by and rescue them! Divine intervention for sure since there were four size 7 boxes and then hidden under the pricetag… one size ten! “SHIRLEY! BRING ME THE CART, WE GON OWN THESE!” As if that wasn’t good enough, they were on sale AND I used a coupon to make them even more in budget. I went home, kicked Hef out of the car before I even slowed down and went inside to bond alone with my new shoes. I walked around for 20 minutes feeling princessy. It was wonderful.


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