Update: No Snow


For the record, I didn’t go snowboarding with Jesus this morning. I woke up more than a second grader on Christmas Eve. I checked out the window no less than three times. I checked my phone for the official text four times. I even turned on the news (which never happens and I had to check The Guide to find what channel it was on) to watch for closings. 

No success.

Instead I am at work. Working. Not scrapping. Not watching a movie in bed. Not making snowangels with the Christ Child.  THIS SUCKS!

In other news, I went to Hooker Lunch (Hooker Lunch- n: mid-day meal when Hef and I, sometimes dressed as hookers, go to lunch alone and talk about our co-workers.) today in a shady strip mall. We passed this sign on the way out. BFFF, an expert on all things shady, seems to think ‘…some stuff goes down at 6’ and I believe she has a point. I’ll make sure to be gone by 5:55pm!



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