My Journey Starts With One Step



I’m starting a blog. I am putting my laundry out for the world to judge see. Since every blog begins with a first post, here it is. I should tell you I’ve thought about what I want to say for weeks and gone over it with a fine-tooth comb. Not. Currently I’m sitting in my office waiting on Husbando to finish up at work. You should know I’m not patient in most aspects of life. Occasionally I’ll wait for hot chocolate to cool so I don’t melt my tongue off but its seldom. This pic is of Nephy-Niece having the exact same meltdown I am about to have if I don’t get to go home soon. We have a hot date tonight that consists of dinner out and then cuddling up at our new house. Oh yeah, we got a new house. You missed all the horrible “fixing up” we did when we bought it but I wouldn’t have had time to blog about it so I guess we should both be happy about that. Maybe before and afters will be a post in the future but don’t hold your breath.

Madre’s birthday was last week so the brother and his fam are coming into town this weekend so we can go bowling and eat cheeseburgers. Apparently Madre requested both because she is twelve again. Should be fun! Will post any shenanigans next week. Also, Roller Derby Sunday.


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