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Cra to the Zy Y’all




This is the best photo I have from the roller derby bout on Sunday. Why is this phone-photo the best one? Because it catches Cra-Cra there in her element! Hef, Lumps, my college friend Amanda, and I were all watching the bout from a pretty sweet view at our elevated table. We were snacking on ‘high school priced’ snackbar treats (Lumps will, and did, go ape-crazy about some $2.00 nachos). We were paying attention and trying to learn how scoring works until SHE showed up. She tromped into our view about an hour late carrying the essentials to any event:

1. Cowbell (everyone always needs more, right?)

2. Green Incredible Hulk fist

3. Life-size stuffed bear

4. Hand-painted t-shirt

ImageThese items were all used to ‘cheer’ the team. The green fist was raised with pride when someone scored. That cowbell was used non-stop and about got put where the sun don’t shine. She even propped up the leg of the bear because obviously he was uncomfortable in that folding chair. She draped the shirt on the bear and it got adjusted at least a dozen times. Pure. Crazy. Then, when a girl was hurt, Cra-Cra took the bear over to her and made the bear give her a hug. It was a bear hug y’all. An almost-real bear hug. I lost it. 




Shoe-gasm- n: the act of convulsing and/or drooling when you find an awesome pair of shoes. May involve crying stemming from your lack of funds. May involve crying from happiness when you say ‘screw the budget’ and buy them anyway. Should be considered dangerous to your credit score and marriage. Image

While the cat (Husbando) is away, this mouse will play. Or buy shoes. Sparkly, glittery, fur-lined moccasins to be exact. I almost fainted in the middle of Gordman’s last night. They were sitting there on the bottom shelf near the floor just waiting on me to come by and rescue them! Divine intervention for sure since there were four size 7 boxes and then hidden under the pricetag… one size ten! “SHIRLEY! BRING ME THE CART, WE GON OWN THESE!” As if that wasn’t good enough, they were on sale AND I used a coupon to make them even more in budget. I went home, kicked Hef out of the car before I even slowed down and went inside to bond alone with my new shoes. I walked around for 20 minutes feeling princessy. It was wonderful.

Update: No Snow


For the record, I didn’t go snowboarding with Jesus this morning. I woke up more than a second grader on Christmas Eve. I checked out the window no less than three times. I checked my phone for the official text four times. I even turned on the news (which never happens and I had to check The Guide to find what channel it was on) to watch for closings. 

No success.

Instead I am at work. Working. Not scrapping. Not watching a movie in bed. Not making snowangels with the Christ Child.  THIS SUCKS!

In other news, I went to Hooker Lunch (Hooker Lunch- n: mid-day meal when Hef and I, sometimes dressed as hookers, go to lunch alone and talk about our co-workers.) today in a shady strip mall. We passed this sign on the way out. BFFF, an expert on all things shady, seems to think ‘…some stuff goes down at 6’ and I believe she has a point. I’ll make sure to be gone by 5:55pm!


Praying for Snow


I have been hoping for a snow bad enough to close work. I have been doing this daily and have been unsuccessful for two years now. Apparently we are only closing for the apocalypse. Don’t worry Jesus, I have my sled ready!

There are higher-than-normal hopes for tomorrow but Husbando is out of town at a conference and I have no chauffer. And no Husbando. Not that I can’t keep myself busy playing on the computer, scrapbooking or sipping cocktails but it would be nice to have someone to play with. 


Photo courtesy of where I plan to visit because apparently THEY get snow. 

My Journey Starts With One Step



I’m starting a blog. I am putting my laundry out for the world to judge see. Since every blog begins with a first post, here it is. I should tell you I’ve thought about what I want to say for weeks and gone over it with a fine-tooth comb. Not. Currently I’m sitting in my office waiting on Husbando to finish up at work. You should know I’m not patient in most aspects of life. Occasionally I’ll wait for hot chocolate to cool so I don’t melt my tongue off but its seldom. This pic is of Nephy-Niece having the exact same meltdown I am about to have if I don’t get to go home soon. We have a hot date tonight that consists of dinner out and then cuddling up at our new house. Oh yeah, we got a new house. You missed all the horrible “fixing up” we did when we bought it but I wouldn’t have had time to blog about it so I guess we should both be happy about that. Maybe before and afters will be a post in the future but don’t hold your breath.

Madre’s birthday was last week so the brother and his fam are coming into town this weekend so we can go bowling and eat cheeseburgers. Apparently Madre requested both because she is twelve again. Should be fun! Will post any shenanigans next week. Also, Roller Derby Sunday.